Kelly Clarkson’s New Single Drops Early. YAY!


Have you ever been hosting a party, drinks, a Star Wars viewing party and someone suggests you play some hot new beats? You open your iTunes, click party shuffle, and cue ensuing awkwardness. You’re washed over with anxiety as to what people will think when they see Kenny Loggins fill out the play list as you desperately reason with your guests, “It was for a yacht rock play list!” to no avail. Everyone abandons your apartment and you lamely eat peanut butter with a spoon direct from the jar.

This is why I keep two versions of iTunes… now. (One party too late…)

However, one “embarrassing” artist that is proudly listed on both computers is Kelly Clarkson. Love. Her.

Kelly Clarkson (or as she’s known to me: K-Cla) dropped her new single, “My Life Would Suck Without You” from her upcoming album, “All I Ever Wanted” adding to her vast repertoire of female empowerment anthems. The song was originally set for release next week but was debuted on the radio this morning. The new album will be released on March 17th and until then, this will have to suffice to tide me over.

My Life Would Suck Without You is the sugar sweet formulaic pop that we all love Kelly Clarkson for but hold her in higher regard because of her impressive vocals. Her new album cover suits this return to the pop charts all too perfectly. It’s so… so… so… shiny. I’m kind of loving her gold bangles and am going to pick up these Leila Thin Chain Bangles from Max & Chloe—which are the perfect balance between preppy and rocker just like my little K-Cla.

Now if I only I can get our photographer to Photoshop in that sparkly glare over my bangles…