Kellan Lutz Talks His New Clothing Line, Modeling Days & The ‘Twilight’ Crew

Spencer Cain

Screen shot 2012 03 19 at 10.56.41 AM 690x634 Kellan Lutz Talks His New Clothing Line, Modeling Days & The Twilight Crew

Without a doubt one of the most recognizable faces in young Hollywood today, Kellan Lutz is also one of the most gracious and kind celebrities working in the business. Whether you know him as Emmett Cullen in the Twilight movies or as that smoldering hot guy in the Calvin Klein underwear ads, chances are you’re a big fan. Now, Kellan continues to add to his impressive résumé by honing his chops as a designer.

Kellan partnered with Dylan George founder Danny Guez to design a ready-to-wear men’s and women’s line, Abbot + Main. The collection reflects the “L.A. lifestyle,” and represents Kellan’s style to a tee (quite literally). “It’s great to be working on my own line, and to get inspiration from stuff you like wearing and in your own closet,” he told me. “It’s great to create a line where at the end of the day, you can wear every piece. My favorite piece is the v-neck. I love v-necks and I love what we’ve done with the v-neck. You can wear it to the beach, and you can wear it out at night and throw a sports coat over it. It’s very classy, cool and easy.”

Obviously, this isn’t Kellan’s first foray into fashion, and he has taken a great deal from his experiences in the industry. “I found modeling to be very educational, and what’s really inspired me the most is when a designer stays true to who they are and their product. Styles change, as they always do from season to season, and the most successful designers — maybe they evolve a little bit, but they always stay true to who they are,” he said. This sense of self has translated to his designs, and he states that, “I found a happiness being true to myself and being me.”

As he takes his next step in life, I had to know if he would miss the past — or, more specifically, the Twilight cast! “Oh, I miss everyone,” he said. “It’s a family. We’ve grown together and really experienced this ride together. From day one, I just loved everyone and everyone really clicked and we just grew closer and closer. It’s a blessing to have everyone’s cell phone numbers, and be able to chat whenever we can and see whoever when they’re in town. We’ve all been blessed to be working outside of Twilight, and Twilight has opened so many doors.” Never fear — “I know we’re all going to work together in some form, whether it’s Ashley [Greene] and I doing a movie together, or working with any of the guys or girls. It’s such a small industry — yet large,” he says confidently.

Kellan celebrated the release of the Dylan George and Abbot + Main Spring 2012 collections this past Saturday at Bloomingdale’s at the Roosevelt Field Mall in Garden City, New York. He brought his “casual, cool L.A. style” to Long Island for a day, and I can only hope this is the beginning of a thriving career for the passionate star. “I really focus on the details,” he said. “It’s all about the details.”