Keke Palmer Shared a Powerful Selfie After Feeling ‘Embarrassed’ by Her Natural Hair

Keke Palmer
Photo: Photo: Shareif Ziyadat/Getty Images For Entertainment/Getty Images.

In case you haven’t been paying close enough attention to the pop-culture news cycle in recent years, we’re here to give you a brief recap: Last year, “Scream Queens” actress Keke Palmer shaved her head.

OK—You’re all caught up.

Recently, the 24-year-old took to Instagram to express her insecurity about her natural hair. She’s currently in Budapest filming the third season of her Epix series “Berlin Station,” and took a break from acting to write a caption about how she’s much more comfortable “rocking her own hair” in a foreign country after feeling “embarrassed” when she saw a longtime friend without a wig. But then, she remembered she’s a #queen and called herself “foolish” for feeling embarrassed in the first place.

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Palmer is back to feeling comfortable in her natural state. She styled her hair in braids the morning this picture was taken, and ditched the false eyelashes for an au naturel look. Her caption calls for girls to embrace their natural beauty and stay true to themselves, because that’s when they’re the most beautiful.