Editor’s Pick: A Grown-Up Way to Pull Off Polka Dots

keepsake polka dot dress

As far as we’re concerned–and Minnie Mouse will back us on this–polka dots are a wardrobe staple. Sure, the style might get a bad rap for being a tad twee at times, but when worn correctly it can add just the fun-loving touch that your spring outfit needs. Enter Keepsake’s “Restless Heart Dress,” a fitted, knee-length dress that’s splashed in the playful print.

In white or black, the demure, knee-length look would feel simple and understated, but updated with polka dots, the dress manages to balance the mature look with those playful spots.

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Right now, the dress is ready to accompany you out all season–to weddings, lunches, drinks, dinners, wherever–so head over to Fashion Bunker to buy it online.

Keepsake Restless Heart Dress, $149.95; at Fashion Bunker