Keeping up With Kardashian’s Love Life


Whether you have a dysfunctional family yourself, are masochistic, or you just have a penchant for keeping up with reality stars, you might be interested to know that Kim Kardashian and longtime boyfriend Reggie Bush have broken up. You can all hold candlelight vigils later, if you want. We might be busy holding our own for you guys.

Long distance relationships are difficult, sure; the two have made statements in the past about not seeing each other enough. But you know what’s harder? Having Brody Jenner for a stepbrother and having to deal with all those butt implant comments. We feel for you, girl, and maybe your kids will work it out. However, we have a sneaking suspicion that perhaps the two broke up because Kardashian isn’t the most fun chick to hang out with.

The NY Times today published an article titled “A Night Out With Kim Kardashian,” and we bet you anything that reporter wishes she could have that night of her life back. With all the nibbling on chicken at Delicatessen, awkward confusing one-liners with sister Khloe, and preaching about how she doesn’t drink, we almost wish we had stayed home with the rest of her surgically-enhanced family.

Anyway, we’re sorry?