Katy Perry & Russell Brand’s Speedy Divorce Is Finalized

Spencer Cain

I swear, this has to be a new record for the quickest celebrity divorce ever. While most wealthy people spend months, even years, fighting over their fortunes and distributing their assets, Katy Perry and Russell Brand have officially finalized their divorce approximately a month after announcing their split.

Brand filed for divorce from the “Teenage Dream” singer in between Christmas and New Year’s Eve, after photographs surfaced of her ringless and alone in Hawaii over the holiday weekend. They were always a weird pair, but something about them sort of worked.

While Brand is by no means hurting in the cash department, Katy was obviously the one bringing home the major bacon. Alas, Brand wanted no part of it, and the two are selling their marriage home and splitting the profits. Despite the fact that they had no prenup, they are both walking away with what they came in with.

Ultimately, I’d say the civil nature these two have exhibited is admirable — but next time you think you’re going to call it quits after a year of marriage, don’t shell out hundreds of thousands of dollars and fly everyone you know to India to watch you ride around on an elephant and look like an idiot. Sigh, the troubles of the rich, famous and wonderfully crazy…