Makeover Alert! Katy Perry Just Debuted a Platinum Blonde Buzz Cut

When we last checked, Katy Perry was rocking a short, blonde pixie cut. But she’s been changing her hair quite often of late, and she just unveiled her latest change, which is also the most drastic: platinum blonde hair cut into basically a buzz cut. Damn.

Just to review: Three months ago, Perry showed off what can only be described as orange hair—the result of her formerly dark locks being introduced to bleach, but not fully there yet. Then, a month later, after parting ways with Orlando Bloom, she debuted a platinum blonde lob. Then the pixie cut, and then this. It’s safe to to say she’s gone about as short as she can possibly go at this point. And, oh yeah—she looks great.

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“✨fifth element flow✨,” Perry wrote on Instagram of her new hair, shouting-out the ’90s fantasy film starring Milla Jovovich (with costumes by Jean-Paul Gaultier). She definitely looks different—but she’s fully rocking it, and if anyone can pull this off, it’s Perry (right alongside Kristen Stewart, who did the same thing about a month ago). Hot! 

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