Katy Perry To Launch Own Scent ‘Purr’, Rodarte Disses FLOTUS

Kerry Pieri

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Lauren Kucerak of Juicy Couture and Erin Fetherston. Photo courtesy of Juicy Couture

Erin Fetherston hosted a dinner for bloggers and magazine writers alike with her new fashion mate Juicy Couture this week. We were on hand to hear her perfect bang tips: “I learned my bang tricks from David Mallett from when I was living in Paris. He would make me stand against a wall and sometimes it was really fast and other times it took like an hour. It was like sex. [laughs] Now I cut my own. Don’t do the brush too much. Get a blow dryer with a super small slit and blast your hair right where your head has a natural curve, this is where your bangs can go wonky. And invest in scissors. I have the cheap Ricky’s $8 ones, but a pair of pro stainless steel scissors can make all the difference.” [Erin Fetherston for Juicy Couture]

We just want to be famous for like five minutes so we can launch a fragrance and make some bucks. Oh yeah, Katy Perry is unveiling her first, called Purr by Katy Perry, at Nordstrom in November. And so is Vogue Japan’s Anna Dello Russo. (WWD, subscription required)
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Smell like Katy Perry this fall. Photo: George Pimentel, WireImage

Gwyn is getting real on post-partum depression. Sorry, Tom Cruise. (GOOP)

Kate and Laura Mulleavy of Rodarte, won the Smithsonians Cooper-Hewitt National Design Awards fashion design category, but they apparently didn’t feel the need to show up to receive it. The two were no-shows at the Michelle Obama-hosted event yesterday. But, hey their rep did send an email. (WWD, subscription required)

Stella McCartney continues her fur-free mission. The designer is currently creating faux fur hats to replace the bearskin versions that the British Gaurds currently wear for ceremonial occasions. Some black bears are super pleased to hear this. (Telegraph UK)

RT @JohnnyGWeir This heat makes me think about skating topless. Nipple tassles.
We love this man, nipple tassels and all.

RT @StyleCaster #melt RT @mee_chelle It’s Frankie in a box! (I swear we do actually do work @StyleCaster)…sometimes http://tweetphoto.com/34207367
I mean, how can StyleCaster’s cutest employee not make you happy. He’s in a box!

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RT @bryanboy Wanna know wat’s more insulting than “you’re so healthy!” ? Well, try “you should be a victoria’s secret model” = end of high fasheen career
Someone is catty today…

RT @staceybendet My eyes are angry at me for opening them
We totally know this feeling.

RT @lovegenjo Eddie Borgo took this… http://tweetphoto.com/34147279
Eddie Borgo, Genevieve Jones and Kate? Very cool trio.

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Lady Gaga Going w ladystarlightny (and a hangover) to kick our own asses in rocknroll power yoga, can I wear my cowboy boots? LET’S GET HOT!
This actually seems like the perfect fitness routine for the Gaga.

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