Katy Perry: Hot for Russell Brand


A romance between pop songstress Katy Perry and British comedian Russell Brand— a match made in pop culture heaven– seems to be brewing. Britain’s The Sun reports that Brand, the tender and sweet-natured fellow that he is, sent Perry a love poem, kindly requesting that she return the favor. To which to dear Katy did: with a photo of her boobs emblazoned with the word “Poem,” written across. What else from the girl known for her bright, retro, pin-up girl style and brassy charm? Her tongue-in-cheek response to his affection certainly appealed to Brand’s off-beat taste: the sassy little maneuver resulted in Brand’s taking the Waking Up In Vegas singer to Thailand.

Although the two were hoping to keep the affair under the radar, Katy twittered that the trip was “magical,” effectively providing clues for sleuths like us. We can’t wait to chronicle this courtship, and will be providing updates as they come (which, knowing these two, will come in outlandish and fun gimmicks). Stay tuned!