Katy Perry Googled a Hot Photo of Herself and Found This

Lauren Caruso
Katy Perry Googled Hot Pics
Photo: Getty Images

Katy Perry, she of ‘Teenage Dream’ fame, is apparently not just like us—in that she doesn’t regularly Google herself along with a few dozen or so flattering adjectives just to see what comes up in her spare time.

But Perry, who posted two, uh, not-so-flattering shots of herself on the ‘gram earlier this week, said she was feeling a little insecure about her Instagram presence: the first, a photo of Perry from ’99—not a good year for anyone, really—and the second, a few no-makeup close-ups of her face mid-massage at an angle that’d make even a Kardashian look bad.

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To assuage her supposed insecurities, Perry googled “hot” photos of herself, and was met with a pic from her 2011 Rolling Stone cover shoot, clad in just a bra and cut-offs—along with a few others of  in a bikini.

“Was feeling insecure about my last two posts so…” she wrote, sharing the pic with her 60-million-plus fans late last night.

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Credit: Instagram | @katyperry

Looks like her fans were pleased: The pic racked up half a million likes and more than 6,000 comments in the seven hours it’s been up. If only we all had a few hundred bikini shots stockpiled away for those times we’re feeling less than hot, amirite?

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