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7 Things Katy Keene Gets Oh-So-Right About Moving to NYC For the First Time

7 Things Katy Keene Gets Oh-So-Right About Moving to NYC For the First Time
Photo: The CW Katy Keene.

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It’s a tale as old as time: small-town girl moves to New York City with the dream of making it big. The CW’s new series, Katy Keene, welcomes Riverdale alum Josie McCoy in the first episode as she and the titular Katy set out to make their aspirations of being a singer and a fashion designer respectively a reality.

But, the women soon discover that NYC is a lot to navigate. From new friendships and cramped apartments to first bosses and relationships — Josie and Katy perfectly capture the magic and craziness that is navigating a big city in your twenties. Here are all the things Katy Keene gets right about living in New York.

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1. You’ll live with virtual strangers

You know how most clichés are clichés for a reason? Well, this one is no exception. There’s a 99 percent chance that when you step foot in your new apartment, it’ll be with a friend of a friend as your roommate or maybe someone you’ve only met on a website like Nooklyn or even worse… Craigslist. 

The truth is that most New Yorkers don’t live alone, but there’s an upside: Multiple roommates means fun wine nights and gossip sessions as Josie quickly finds out when she meets Katy and her other roomie, Jorge. Pass the pinot!

2. Eating bodega sandwiches is a must

Every city dweller has their bodega. And for non-New Yorkers, bodega is just another word for a small grocery store (even though it’s so much more than that). There’s nothing — no work dilemma, hangover or guy drama too big — that biting into the perfect bacon, egg, and cheese won’t fix.

When I lived in Brooklyn, my roommates and I affectionately dubbed one store “the good bodega” because it had delicious sandwiches, fresh smoothies, seasonal produce, and the owner knew us by name. Remember it’s not just groceries, it’s a lifestyle. 

3. You’ll definitely have a date at Coney Island

Coney Island is one of those places every New Yorker has visited at least once. Whether you go for the beach, the Wonder Wheel or the famous Nathan’s Hot Dogs, there’s no denying that it’s a cute spot for a couple to spend the day. 

Located in the southernmost part of Brooklyn, for some, it’s the furthest south they’ll travel during the summer. The D, Q, N, and F train takes you straight to the neighborhood and from there, the sky’s the limit (literally). Pro tip: make sure to ride the Cyclone roller coaster before stuffing your face with hot dogs. 

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4. Going to drag performances is the norm

Viewers are quickly introduced to Jorge’s drag persona, Ginger Lopez. She’s fierce, she’s fabulous and she can sing the hell out Madonna’s “Material Girl.” A drag night might seem like a random choice for an outing with girlfriends (on a weekday no doubt!), but drag performances aren’t only fun, they’re also a great way to support the LGBTQ+ community. Plus, who doesn’t love a Madonna cover?

5. Impromptu concerts in Washington Square Park aren’t unusual

Although being spotted by a famous music executive like Josie probably isn’t a daily occurrence… Nevertheless, viewers watched Josie join a woman who was singing in the square as a crowd quickly formed around them. This isn’t an anomaly in big cities. In fact, during the holidays, you’re bound to spot at least 100 singers belting out Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas Is You.” Okay, maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but you get the point. 

New York is a mecca for creatives so, you’re constantly stumbling upon performers in Washington Square Park, Central Park, Prospect Park or one of the other million places that can double as the stage. Everyone’s gotta start somewhere!

6. Nights out always end in pizza

Becoming a bonafide New Yorker comes in phases. First, it might be figuring out how to navigate the subway lines without looking at a map. Then, it might be successfully haggling on Canal Street for the perfect pair of shades. But, there’s no denying that true New York cred comes when you become a regular at a local pizza joint (and no, Sbarros doesn’t count).  

The best way to achieve this is by, of course, eating pizza from your restaurant of choice as often as humanly possible. And the most opportune time to enjoy a cheesy slice is after a night out with friends. It’s a rule that  a night of drinking plus dancing equals some carb loading. Everyone has their go-to spot, but if you ask me, Joe’s will always reign supreme

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7. Inspiration is everywhere

Alas, the reason why people put up with five-story walk ups, multiple roommates, expensive rent, crowded subways and all the other challenges that come with living in New York. You can write a song while walking down the street or discover an idea for a new dress after looking in a department store window. 

The energy that comes with living in a big city is unparalleled. There’s truly nothing like it. And since not everyone has the luxury of calling NYC home, the next best thing is to watch Katy, Josie and the gang do it every week.

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