Katie Holmes’ Fashion Line is Taking Off Post-Divorce

Spencer Cain

 Katie Holmes Fashion Line is Taking Off Post DivorceWhile many people have called Katie Holmesdivorce strategy brilliant (it still seems a little bizarre to us that you’d need a brilliant divorce strategy), we are now seeing how it’s all playing out very much in her favor. Firstly, as previously reported, she landed a leading role in a Broadway show, securing her status as a New York power mom.

Now, her fashion line Holmes & Yang seems to be really going places. We knew already that Holmes and her design partner and stylist Jeanne Yang would be joining excellent company at their first fashion week presentation this September, but sales figures of the line reflect all of the positive press Holmes has been getting.

Fox News spoke with a clerk at the tony Beverly Hills Barney’s outpost who stated that since the news broke of the divorce a few weeks ago, Holmes & Yang had been selling increasingly well. Additionally, the New York store apparently noted the same thing, while the Dallas branch (which is yet to sell the line) exclaimed that there were a plethora of interested parties in recent weeks.

The upscale ready-to-wear line is only going up from here, as the September fashion week presentation will surely land it in the hands of other major retailers. Naturally, we have to ask, is Katie Holmes following in the footsteps of her onetime-BFF Victoria Beckham?