Katie Grand Tells Which Designer Was The Fashion School Stud

Kerry Pieri

With all of the heaviness and sadness around the Galliano trial, it’s fun to get some lighthearted fashion insider info, especially when it’s basically like hearing about how a celebrity was in high school.

The amazing Katie Grand, editor of LOVE, attended the venerable Central Saint Martins and told Vogue UK about some of this kids who went there with her, including who was kind of the school stud, explaining “Giles [Deacon] was final year when I was in my first year and he was so swooned over by all the female tutors who were very used to 90 per cent of the year being gay. He drew so well – you kind of knew that he was the star of his year.” Of course, Katie dated him, why wouldn’t she be able to get the school hottie?

If there can be a class fashion icon at fashion school, Katie had one of those too, “Anita Pallenberg was in my class and I remember her turning up in the foyer with a diamante-encrusted Rolling Stones tour jacket on. I remember thinking: ‘Oh my God, here we go.'” The best part about that story is that Anita is almost 30 years Katie’s senior, but obviously still hot.

Where were the reality show cameras during all of this?