Katie Cassidy on Blogging, Favorite Emojis, and her New Eyewear Collaboration

katie cassidy lynsey eaton sorella glasses tomboy KC

Katie Cassidy and Lynsey Eaton (Photo: Tomboy KC)

There’s no denying that glasses are having a fashion moment. From insiders like J. Crew’s Jenna Lyons—who’s rarely seen without her signature specs—to designers like DSquared who outfitted their gorgeous models in eyeglasses on the Spring 2014 runway, it seems being a proverbial four-eyes has never been cooler.

That’s why we’re loving a new collaboration between Glasses.com and the ladies behind style blog Tomboy KC—actress Katie Cassidy and her best friend, former attorney Lynsey Eaton. The partnership is called Sorella—”sister” in Italian—and consists of 14 style-forward frames. Oh, and the best part: They’re each $99, with prescription lenses.

We caught up with the girls in Vancouver—Katie currently shoots the CW show “Arrow” in the Canadian city—and got the scoop.

StyleCaster: Why did you two chose an eyewear brand to collaborate with?
Katie Cassidy: I’d been wearing frames forever, but I’d pop the lenses out because I didn’t need glasses, but I loved the way that they looked. I loved that glasses are an accessory you can use to change your whole look.
Lynsey Eaton: It felt very organic to us because we both wear frames on the site a lot. When Glasses.com was looking to develop a collaboration that was women designing for women—our whole site is celebrating friendship and being yourself—and they contacted us and were like ‘obviously.’

What separates your fashion blog from the others out there?
Lynsey: We think it’s really important to encourage people to be themselves and embrace differences, and on the blog we celebrate the differences between us.

Glasses when you’re going out at night: Yes or no?
Katie: Yes! Be who you are.
Lynsey: To me, it’s wear what you want to wear, when you want to wear it. If Jenna Lyons can wear them to the MET Gala, I think I can wear them to dinner.

What are you guys planning to splurge on this fall? 
Lynsey: I really want a pair of heeled thigh-high boots.
Katie: I really wanted a cape … and I got a few. [If I love something] I’ll be like “I love this style, I’m going to get it in 15 different colors.”
Lynsey: She’s like the grandpa that goes to Costco and buys the same shirt in every color and every size!

Head over to Glasses.com to shop Katie and Lynsey’s Sorella + Tomboy KC collection now!