Want: A One-Of-A-Kind Tribal-Inspired Necklace

Meghan Blalock

katie bartels necklace 3What: A prickly necklace crafted from yellow agate and inlaid with spinel gemstones, which will soon be released in other colorways.

Why: “I’m obsessed with tribal and aztec prints and wanted to create a necklace that would complement bold prints and provide a pop of color,” designer Katie Bartels told StyleCaster. “I fell in love with the rich yellow color of the agate gemstones when I was on a trip, and played around with different accent stones until I found the perfect match in the faceted spinel. I handmade the piece in my New York studio.”

How: “I wanted to create a necklace that would be versatile and could be worn on a number of occasions where a tribal theme wasn’t the focus,” Katie tells us. “I can see a 20-something rocking it with boyfriend jeans and a tee to brunch, and I can also see a woman in her 40’s wearing it with a grey sweater and black pants (and awesome shoes) when she goes to a museum charity luncheon.”

Katie Bartels Alex Necklace, $170; at Artissano

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