Kathy Hilton’s Five Foolproof Home Decor and Entertaining Tips

Spencer Cain

162418938 Kathy Hiltons Five Foolproof Home Decor and Entertaining TipsWhen it comes to celebrity clothing lines, we’re generally a bit weary. After all, many people simply throw their name on a product and don’t do any of the leg work. But that’s not the case for Kathy Hilton. The socialite and mother of Paris and Nicky (not to mention her two sons Barron and Conrad, each named after Hilton patriarchs) is also an accomplished designer, with a bestselling line of dresses.
In addition to designing fabulous frocks, Hilton is also the consummate homemaker. With abodes in Los Angeles, Southampton, as well as a newly purchased apartment in Manhattan, she’s definitely had her fair share of interior decorating experience. So, when we caught up with Hilton at her New York City showroom this week to preview some of her new pieces, we couldn’t help but ask for some of her decorating and entertaining tips. Read on for more!
1. Allow your home to make your guests feel attractive. “At home in Los Angeles, the dining room is a shell pink,” Hilton shared. “I designed this lucite table that’s shaped like an emerald cut diamond. You know when you walk into Chanel and it’s all pure white and has that black border? I love that. The room is gorgeous, and women look beautiful in it because of the shell pink on the skin.”
2. Don’t compromise your tastes for anyone. “The most important part of decorating is that it shows your personality, what you love,” she says. “When you have a decorator, they can get really pushy and aggressive!”
3. Keep a simple palette then spruce it up with details. “At our house in Southampton, because it’s a beach house, everything is sand,” Hilton said. “What I do is put pops of color in pillows. You can switch out the pillows and mix them up and it can look like a totally different home! The basis is blues, creams, and sand, but we do have a red library. The kids told me there’s no way I’m changing that! They love the cozy room.”
4. Have quirky and original pieces. “There’s a piece of modern art in my home right when you walk in by Rachel Hovnanian,” Hilton told us. “I think she could end up being the next Jeff Koons! It’s a vending machine filled with little miniature beauty queens. People can win them with the big claw, and it’s a lot of fun.”
5. When entertaining, go all out! “My Christmas party is to die for,” Hilton exclaimed. “It’s so much fun, I spend a good two months getting it together. I’m like Mrs. Claus. Every room is thought out. It’s a winter wonderland. The entrance of the house is done in silver and aqua and pewter and glass. There are birds, there are swans, you can’t imagine! There are a bunch of carolers outside with snow falling while you’re walking in. We have somebody that does fake snow! Downstairs, there’s a cozy bar. It’s a very New York feel, sort of like walking into the 21 Club. That’s my favorite time. We have about 200 people every year!”

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