Katherine Heigl Goes Brunette! How to Make a Drastic Hair Change for Spring


Image: fadedyouthblog.com

Stop the presses. World famous blonde, Katherine Heigl, has just gone– gasp — brunette! The Ugly Truth actress was spotted out and about with a dramatically darker ‘do, and we must admit– we quite like it. For those of you who are thinking of doing something drastically different this spring, why not consider playing around with your hair color? Here are a couple of tips to follow to ensure that the final product ends up looking fabulous– not freakish.

1) Bring a picture to the salon

Be sure to let your stylist know exactly what you want. It’s a good idea to bring pictures of the exact style you desire so that your vision doesnt get lost in translation (the more pictures, the better). It always helps to bring tear sheets from magazine editorials or celeb photos to give your stylist some visual inspiration.

2) Sit down and talk to your stylist

Before you get near any scissors or dyes, be sure to sit down and ask your stylist for their professional opinion. Chances are, what looks good on one girl may not necessarily look good on you. Your stylist will know what will suit your face shape and overall look. Then, you’ll be able to make a better informed decision so that you come out looking your best.

3) Make sure youre making the change for the right reason

Are you making this drastic hair change because you personally want to, or is it for some other reason? Make sure that youre doing it to please yourself, and yourself only. And please– think the decision through carefully. Last minute irrational decisions are never good– break-up bobs, anyone?

4) Dont be afraid to speak up

Dont be afraid to voice your opinion when you think that your stylist is taking a turn for the worse. Its your hair (and money), so dont shy away from letting him or her know what you want. Speak up if the cut isnt going the way you had originally envisioned. Just make sure to stay calm– as long as you’re respectful, theyll be more than happy to oblige your wishes.

5) Be sure the change is appropriate

Dont just blindly follow the latest hair trends because theyre the popular look du jour. Make sure that the cut and color is age appropriate and suits your face shape and skin tone. In the end, the most important thing is that the style suits your overall aesthetic and brings out your best features.

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