Kate’s Accidental Hair Trick


You know how there are certain models and actresses that just don’t seem to age no matter how many years go by? Winona Ryder, for example. Or Claudia Schiffer. I mean, I grew up watching these women and they look just about EXACTLY the same as they did when I was seven years old flipping through the pages of YM. Seeing this picture of Kate Moss front row at the Vivienne Westwood show in London today, I had to wonder, “How is it possible that even with her hard-partying, chain-smoking ways, Moss still looks like she could pass for 21?!”

And then I studied the picture and studied it some more. And here’s the answer I came up with: It’s the hair. Yes, it’s all in that messy, rumpled, tossed-up, devil-may-care bun at the nape of her neck. It’s youthful and charming and uncalculated–kind of like any girl at age seven. It makes her look innocent and untouched. Some people call it untidy, I call it the fountain of youth. The best part? Unkempt hair is totally the thing for fall! Toss your hair stylist’s business card now, girls, and don’t even think about touching that flat iron.

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