Kate, You’re Looking a Bit Haggard


Ok, we know what you’re thinking, and the answer is no. We did not photoshop the above photo of Kate Moss to make her look older like Harper’s Bazaar did to Leighton Meester in their September issue. This is actually a picture of Kate untouched while on vacation in St. Tropez, and the photo surfaces at quite an inopportune time for the supermodel, as this month she graces the cover of three different magazine’s fall fashion issues: British Vogue, Russian Vogue and W.

We’re not exactly shocked, since everyone knows how prevalent retouching has become these days in order to make models look younger and hotter than they actually are. But we’d still like to be able to imagine Kate as some perfect unaging creature. Luckily, the Topshop queen was just as appalled by the photos as anyone else, and so she plans to take action to create a healthier lifestyle that will make her look and feel “10 years younger.” This will consist of eating three healthy meals a day and cutting back on the alcohol and cigs. I guess if the thought of lung cancer didn’t do the trick, at least the wrinkles did. We’re glad to hear it, Kate.

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