Stylist Kate Young on the One Thing You Need to Make an Outfit More Fun

Meghan Blalock

Celebrity stylist Kate Young regularly finds herself atop every list of the most powerful stylists in the world. She’s been dressing Michelle Williams for almost nine years, and works with Natalie Portman, Rachel Weisz, Elimia Clarke, and a slew of others, sending them down the red carpet in looks that range from glamorous ball gowns to more modern, everyday outfits.

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Her trademark, though, is her love for quirk. “I tend to like quirk. I like weird colors, I love bows, I love polka dots, I love weird color combinations,” Young tells StyleCaster. From her obsessive relationship with polka dots to a fascination with mixing prints and colors, Young never puts her girls in anything remotely boring.

This makes her the perfect source of wisdom on how to treat your wardrobe with creativity and panache. And surprisingly, the only thing you really need, Kate says, to give your wardrobe a fun injection is quite simple: a little bit of time.

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“Most people don’t give themselves the time—they just get dressed quickly in the morning when they don’t have time to do it,” Young told StyleCaster at Lord & Taylor‘s launch of their 424 Fifth collection. “They just go shopping when they have someone who wants to go shopping with them or when there’s a sale. Carve out a little time for yourself, and set a day when you’re going to go shopping, take pictures on your cell phone of yourself in the dressing room, and then don’t buy anything until the next day when you see what you really like and want.

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“Take an afternoon after work, and try on your own clothes and make outfits out of them. That kind of thing can give you the space to breathe in the morning when you’re in a rush and you’re late,” she explained. “You take that time with exercise or with your hair, you carve out these little windows. But though people like clothes, they don’t give them the time or the organization they deserve.”

“Mornings are always that way, you look in your closet, which is full, and you think you have nothing to wear,” Kate continued. “When you’re under that kind of pressure, there’s no way to be creative with it. But if you have even three minutes to put on your outfit, and go, ‘Maybe I should put on a belt,’ or, ‘Oh I have that beaded necklace that I never wear and I like, I can put that on too.’ I think most of our lives are really hectic and we don’t have time to do that. So that fun part gets lost.”

A good way to start, we think: stepping away from your e-commerce addiction and shopping out in the real world. This weekend is a great time to start!