This Is So Bizarre: Watch Kate Upton and Snoop Lion’s Music Video for Hot Pockets

Meghan Blalock

Today is the weirdest celebrity news day ever. First, Lindsay and Dina Lohan took a bicycle joy ride around New York, and now: It-model of the moment Kate Upton has joined forces with rapper Snoop Lion (formerly Dogg) and Hot Pockets for a music video filled with animated flying sheep, a rap feud between a baker and a butcher, and (of course) no shortage of Kate’s valuable decolletage.

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The entire video, which is nearly five minutes long, takes place inside Upton’s dreams after a night of partying and a late-night Hot Pocket snack. She falls asleep on her bed, at which time Snoop Lion enters her dream and whisks her away on a musical journey in homage to the microwaveable snacks. Our favorite part is when Kate, dressed in a costume inexplicably inspired by Marie Antoinette, lip-synchs to the iconic Biz Markie song “Just A Friend” while Snoop plays the piano. WTF?

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Watch the bizarre clip above—words just don’t do it justice.