Kate Upton Flaunts Serious Cleavage in Redemption Choppers Campaign

Meghan Blalock
kate upton redemption choppers

Photos Courtesy of Redemption Choppers

Kate Upton might be the only model in the game who can appear on the cover of Vogue and star in various ad campaigns that could be considered, well, decidedly un-Vogue.

Case in point: Upton’s newest campaign for for Redemption Choppers, a motorcycle company that builds custom bikes and offer motorcycle-inspired clothing. In the ads, Upton bares her amble cleavage yet again, while showing off her sun-kissed strands and enviable pout. And while it might be easier to call her out for once again baring her body, we’re giving Kate props: she looks great, and it’s respectable that she can manage to straddle the line between high-fashion and busty pin-up.

Obviously , not everyone in the fashion industry would agree with us: Upton’s constantly catching fire from insiders who argue that she’s way too swimsuit model to appear in any high-fashion magazine. She managed to quiet haters briefly earlier this year when she shot Vogue spread with Mario Testino, but now we’re sure they’ll speak up again.

Check out the rest of Kate’s images below and let us know: What do you think of Kate’s new shots?

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