Kate and A-Rod Step Out for Sweets


New time lovers Kate Hudson and Alex Rodriguez are turning up the heat. We’ve caught them trying to shy away from cameras all too often in the last couple of months. You can’t fool us though, we know when you’re together and where you are. Sound creepy? It is.

Just last week, the couple was spotted gallivanting around the Upper East Side several nights in a row. Kate-Rod was seen at over-priced Upper East Side restaurant Scalinatella and two days later at delicious desert spot Serendipity 3, located a mere one block away from Scalinatella.

We’re assuming A-Rod is the uptown restaurant go-er because as far as we’re concerned, Kate wouldn’t leave the park on Spring and Sullivan (where she is often spotted with her kiddo) if she didn’t have to.

The media’s been giving Kate a lot of heat for her recent relations with Alex Rodriguez, ex-girlfriends and old flings are popping up every where, warning Kate to keep her guard up. Jealousy kills, doesn’t it?

No worries, Kate, if we were in your position we wouldn’t listen either.