Kate Moss’s New Video for YSL Fragrance


The new commercial for the upcoming YSL fragrance Parisienne starring Kate Moss was released today, and dare we say, it’s…a lot; too early to view before noon, anyway.

The ad features our favorite body-baring model leaving little to the imagination in a YSL bodysuit, and sort of…gyrating on a (we’re guessing) Parisian bed covered in rose petals and (probably) smelling lovely?

The story, direction, plot, really anything, is either nonexistant or open for interpretation (and were not sure who YSL’s trying to lure in here); depending on how many stories you can come up with involving Kate presumably in Paris looking sexy, acting sexy…basically just Kate Moss reveling in the fact that she’s Kate Moss. We guess we would do the same thing?

The actual fragrance (which makes a cameo appearance amidst sheets and sighing) launches November 1.