Links to Click: Kate Moss Is Back With Topshop, Details on MIA and Versace, More

Meghan Blalock

kate moss topshop 2

The Internet today was filled with weird stories about models, awesome fashion collabs, and more!

1. Praise be! Supermodel Kate Moss is officially teaming up with Topshop again, on a collection set to come out this Spring. [HuffPo]

2. Apparently, MIA’s collaborative project for Versace was inspired by knockoffs. [Fashionista]

3. If you’ve ever felt like a total idiot trying to order a bottle of wine for the table, then this one is for you. [The Vivant]

4. Did you know: the brilliant woman who invented the permanent press passed away today. [The Cut]

5. Here’s some advice pretty much everyone can use: 8 simple ways to reduce stress in your life. You’re welcome. [Beauty High]

6. Glamorous hairstyles in less than 5 minutes? Yes, it’s possible: Here’s five fabulous ones to try. [Daily Makeover]