Kate Moss for Topshop Sold Out


Were you hoping to get your hands on a Kate Moss holiday piece from Topshop this morning? Sadly love, it’s too late. The collection sold out in 15 minutes flat. Isn’t it hard to imagine that we are experiencing an economic crisis when there are screaming fans clamoring to get their glamourous, little hands on a collection designed by a supermodel?

In Kate Moss’ eighth season with Topshop, there seems to be no sign of slowing down. The Oxford Street store in London had a line outside at 7:45 am and had to restock the shelves 15 minutes after opening. Online retailers were wiped out before the brick and morter stores cracked the doors open. The limited edition midnight blue gown seemed within reach for a brief moment, didn’t it? Sadly, you might have to start stalking Ebay to find this sparkly blue dream. Between you and I – I already saw it up for bid. Happy hunting!