Links to Click: How To Look Like Kate Moss on Playboy, Britney Spears’ Texts Leaked, More

Meghan Blalock

kate moss playboy cover

The Internet today was a smattering of the super helpful and the equally bizarre. Read on!

1. Love Kate Moss’ bronze skin on her Playboy cover? Here’s how you can make it your own. [Beauty High]

2. Britney Spears’ ex Sam Lufti claims to have ranting, nonsensical texts from the pop star, which he posted to Twitter. [Radar]

3. R. Kelly and 2 Chainz performed on Jimmy Kimmell last night, and it was nothing short of amazing. [YouTube]

4. Why yes, you can convert your iPad into a foosball table. The ultimate entertainment at parties, we think! [The Vivant]

5. These amazingly creepy old photos show how Victorian women disguised themselves as curtains in portraits with their infants. [The Guardian]

6. Need some ideas for party hair this holiday season? Check out these three super-chic and easy styles you can do at home! [Daily Makeover]

7. So cute: The Marimekko sale is chock full if adorable, colorful things to brighten your kitchen. [Racked]