Our Favorite Pieces From Kate Moss’ Tech Accessories Collection

Meghan Blalock
kate moss samsung s4

Courtesy Photos

When we learned a few weeks back that supermodel Kate Moss would be designing a collection of tech accessories for U.K.-based brand Carphone Warehouse (a company apparently named in the 1980s), we were left scratching our heads a bit and saying, “Um, okay?” But today the pieces have been unveiled, and we’re pleasantly surprised.

First things first: the collection includes a couple of cute cases for Samsung’s just-released Galaxy S4 phone, which is refreshing because often cute covers for Android devices are lost in the shadow of the omnipresent iPhone cases. The pieces Moss designed range from nautically themed to studded rockstar-inspired pieces, but we have to say, the nautical ones and the animal skins are our favorites.

Check out the cutest pieces from the line below, and look forward to shopping it on July 24!

kate moss phone accessory 4

kate moss phone accessory 3

kate moss phone accessory 2