Kate Moss’ Net Worth: How Rich is She Really?

Spencer Cain

Kate Moss The Collection - Photocall
There are few models with as much credibility in the industry as Kate Moss. The 39-year-old British stunner and known party animal has years of experience, and she’s only getting better with age. Between her expanding business empire and her marriage to Jamie Hince, she seems on top of the world—but just how wealthy is she?
We investigate her net worth here—read on to find out the scoop!
Estimated Net Worth: After years in the business, Kate Moss has a healthy net worth of about $70 million. In recent years, her salary has risen enormously—proving that she has staying power. In an industry obsessed with youth, she has gone above and beyond the typical modeling trajectory.
Salary: In 2012, Moss earned approximately $18 million, which was a fairly large increase from her salary the previous year. She hit a career snag in 2005, when photographs of her snorting cocaine were widely distributed in the press—causing her to be dropped by a number of major brands like H&M—but she’s since bounced back in a major way. Her agent famously stated that the incident essentially doubled her annual salary. Given her investments and business ventures, Moss could probably sit around and do nothing for a year and still likely bank more than $5 million. Not too shabby!
Campaigns: Modeling is Moss’ bread and butter. Since being discovered at the age of 14 back in 1988, she has fronted campaigns and walked in high-fashion shows for everyone including Calvin Klein, Dolce & Gabbana, Chanel, Bulgari, Burberry, and more. In a nut shell, if you want to have a successful brand, snap her up for your campaign! You’ll just have to have the budget to have her photographed by a legendary fashion photographer like her BFF Mario Testino. Hey, it’s a small price to pay!
Empire: In addition to modeling, she’s had many ventures. In the beauty world, she’s been the face of Rimmel. She’s also the face and body of St. Tropez, an upscale self-tanner that flew off the shelves when the sexy campaign featuring her naked was released. Moss launched her own line with Topshop back in 2007, and it sold out almost immediately in the UK. She supposedly made about $4.5 million for her work with the British brand, and remains close friends with its founder, Sir Philip Green. Moss also has four fragrances under her belt, as well as a line of handbags with Longchamp. During this London Fashion Week, Moss even attended the party for the brand, proving they still have an excellent relationship.
Real Estate: Unlike many of her successful international model peers who flee to the U.S., Moss prefers to stay home in the UK. In 2011, she purchased a 7-bedroom house in London that spans 6,728 square feet and was listed on the market for a whopping $12.6 million. The London house has more than enough room for her and her adorable daughter, Lila Grace, as well as her hubby, The Kills guitarist Jamie Hince, but she also owns a massive country estate in the Cotswolds, a popular area for many British celebrities.