See the Naked (But Tasteful!) Shots From Kate Moss’s Playboy Spread

Meghan Blalock

Yesterday, we saw the revelation that was Kate Moss’ cover for the January issue of Playboy, and today has brought something even more revelatory: her inside shots. Kate—who, interestingly, was also just last night recognized at the British Fashion Awards as a legitimate style icon—stripped down completely for her shoot, which was the handiwork of legendary fashion photographers Mert & Marcus. And the results are tasteful and stunning.

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While some of the shots feature Kate totally nude, there are others in which she is at least partially clothed—whether she’s rocking fishnets, like above, lacing up in a leather corset, or covering herself with a giant purple feather. We love all the shots equally, because—unlike some of Playboy’s recent attempts to capture some of high fashion’s biggest supermodels—these are incredibly artistic and empowering. In short, they represent how nude photography should be done.

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Head to Playboy to see some of the tastefully done inside shots of the supermodel, and buy the issue to get the full-frontal experience (so to speak)!