Kate Moss and Liv Tyler Sing on The Lemonheads’ New Album


Kate Moss and Mandy Moore are currently tied on my, “Now That is Enough!” list. Mandy Moore is on there for marrying the (unknowing) love of my life Ryan Adams. Kate Moss is on there because she has actually become so cool she runs serious risk of imploding on herself like a dying neutron star. Between having the comeback to beat all comebacks and just being amazing, Kate Moss my darling that is enough!

What has most recently tipped the Kate-Moss-Coolness-Scale? She and Liv Tyler are now singing back up vocals on The Lemonheads’ upcoming album Varshons due out on June 23rd. The album consists of 1970 punk covers from The Green Fuz and Wire. Liv Tyler sings on The Lemonheads’ cover of Leonard Cohen while Kate is on the “Dirty Robot” track.

Oh Kate, while I declare, “That is enough!” we both know I’m totally bluffing… Can’t wait to hear the album and see Kate’s spring collaboration with TopShop!

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