Kate Moss’ Little Sis Is Getting Super Model Buzz at 13

Kerry Pieri

Her name is Charlotte, she called Lottie and she’s blond and blue eyed and could pass for more of a J.Crew model than the waifish sex kitten image her supermodel sister did as a teenager, but something tells me that if Lottie Moss wants to be a model, she’ll take over for Elle Fanning and Hailee Steinfeld as new ingenue in no time.

Blog buzz is all on Lottie after images of the 13-year old in her little white Bonpointe dress as Kate’s bridesmaid emerged. There were so many of the b-maids 15 in all that maybe we missed her at first, but that is quite the pretty face. Mom Moss, however, is being all Mom-like and saying, “She’s too young. When she is old enough it will be her decision,” per Vogue UK. Lottie is actually younger than Kate when she was discovered, which seems almost hard to believe but will she beat her sister in the height game?

Something tells me it might not matter.