Little Miss Moss might follow in her model Mum's footsteps...

Kate Moss’ Daughter Could Be the Next Supermodel, Nicknamed “Mini Moss”

Sydney Scott

kateandlila Kate Moss Daughter Could Be the Next Supermodel, Nicknamed Mini Moss

Lila Moss has it kind of tough (well, not really) with Kate Moss as her mom and Dazed & Confused founder Jefferson Hack as her dad, so what else could this kid possibly do to step out into the spotlight? Well, she could become a model just like her mom, that’s for sure.

It seems “Mini Moss” (as penned by the Telegraph) may have a passion for fashion and can you blame her? Being surrounding by the industry her entire life had to rub off eventually.

Lila’s god-sister Iris Law, daughter or Sadie Frost and Jude Law, explains, “My god-sister, Lila, and I have got into the habit of creating little photo shoots every time we see each other. I enjoy this, because it’s everything I love in one go: it’s creative, it makes you think … it’s fashion.”

Lila got her first shot at modeling when she appeared in Vogue with her mother to celebrate Kate’s marriage to The Kills musician Jamie Hince. Still, it’s unsure if little Lila will even decided to become a model because according to her mother she’s kind of a prude.

“She’s got lipsticks but she doesn’t do colour,” states Kate, according to the Telegraph. “She’s quite prudish — she’ll only do a little bit of gloss or something — but she is into nail art.” So, don’t expect Lila to be doing the scandalous things her mother does — well, at least for now.

Only time will tell if Lila will become a supermodel like her mom, but we kind of hope she follows in her dad’s footsteps. Either way, with her easy access to the fashion world, it’s hard to see young Lila doing anything else.


[Image via Vogue]

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