Kate Moss Is Spying on the World Through Her Secret Instagram Account

Kate MossPhoto: Getty Images

We always just kind of assumed Kate Moss was too cool for Instagram. It might be a necessary platform for top models today to stay relevant, but Moss is in a league of her own. But if she did have an account, you know we’d want to be all over it. So it was with some surprise that we learned she hasn’t completely eschewed the ‘gram but has been using a secret account that she’s kept completely under wraps.

In an interview with Hello! Fashion Monthly, Moss announced that she uses an Instagram account to “spy” and keep informed on what everyone’s talking about. “I don’t care about people who post what they’re eating or the weather,” she said. She does, however, check Instagram to stay relevant: “I have to; otherwise, I wouldn’t know what anyone was talking about.”

So she might scroll through her feed every now and then, but that’s where the similarities between the way Moss uses social media and the way the rest of us do ends. In fact, she’s generally disinterested in the land of social media, and she definitely doesn’t share your digital addiction. ”I don’t have a relationship with [social media] at all,” she admitted.

The reason? She hasn’t nailed the art of the perfect selfie: “I don’t know how to take a good selfie. I’m not good at them.” Um, we find that hard to believe, Kate Moss.

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