Fans Think Kate Moss Shaded Gigi Hadid by Cutting Her Out of This Instagram

Fans Think Kate Moss Shaded Gigi Hadid by Cutting Her Out of This Instagram
Photo: Getty Images

Kate Moss and Gigi Hadid might be fashion “It” girls from different decades, but together, they form one superpower supermodel duo. The models posed together for a must-see photoshoot for Stuart Weitzman’s spring/summer 2018 campaign.

The photos feature Moss and Hadid looking like twins in dreamy, all-white outfits with their midriffs and supermodel-long legs exposed. If it wasn’t for their well-known 22-year age difference, it wouldn’t be hard to assume that the two were sisters. (Bella, who?) Moss’s fans made the same assumption when they suspected that the 44-year-old model shaded her 22-year-old photoshoot partner on Instagram.

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A few weeks ago, Moss shared a behind-the-scenes picture from the photoshoot, which many are considering as major shade. The picture featured Moss front and center smizing into the camera. To her side is an mostly hidden figure obscured by a cameraman carrying a light. As you might expect, that obscured figure is Hadid.

After posting the photo, commenters immediately accused Moss of shade Hadid by posting a picture where her face and body is hidden behind equipment. Given that the photo is the only shot Moss has shared from the photoshoot, fans were certain the picture was a purposeful diss toward Hadid. Some fans raved over Moss’s modeling, while others joined her in making fun of Hadid. A few comments included:

“Kate Moss is a Fashion Legend and She doesn’t want Trash beside her.. Pity on you GiGi.. bwahaaahaa…”

“kate stays shady af”

“I’m living for this shade.”

“Ofcourse you would cover gigi cause she makes you look like her mum!”

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However, there were a few critics who scolded Moss for dissing Hadid. Some accused her of being “jealous” that another model was successful, while others simply criticized her for being mean. “Shame when Kate deliberately drowned Gigi because she was more prominent???” one person commented. Another added,  “Jealous of someone who is getting better than you. 😉”

Somer users also pointed out that the picture was from the Instagram account of Moss’s modeling agency, Kate Moss Agency, so it might not have been her doing. Either way, whoever it was behind the Instagram, kudos on the subtle shade.