Kate Moss Exercises Her Vocal Talents For Charity


Sienna Miller was a picture of sobriety as she exited the Café de Paris in the wee hours of the morning after watching Kate Moss perform with David Gilmour from Pink Floyd today. Moss lent her voice to the Hoping’s Got Talent fundraiser event for Palestinian refugee children in London. Her performance raised $77,000 for the cause. Other guests included photography legend Mario Testino, pictured above with Sienna, as well as Lily Allen, who rocked a seriously awesome red dress and red lipstick.

Everyone knows that modeling isn’t a career known for its longevity so it’s a good thing Kate has other talents. She helps design a super successful line for Topshop and she’s penning an <a href=" https://stylecaster.com/news/2394/kate-moss-author/A2ALYQE0 ” target=”_blank”>autobiography, but should we also be expecting a single to drop in the near future too?