Kate Moss Cover War: Vintage Carine Vs. Emmanuelle Edition

Kate Moss Cover War: Vintage Carine Vs. Emmanuelle Edition
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Yesterday, the cover of Emmanuelle Alt‘s sophomore issue of Vogue Paris hit the Interwebs, and Kate Moss fans the world over rejoiced. The supermodel looks smokin’ hot in an Armani Priv jacket, despite the fact that she’s getting groped by a group of manly hands. Rewind to a little over one decade agoFebruary, 2001and Carine Roitfeld featured a younger (and much blonder) Kate on her very first cover for the magazine. The editorial, called “Noir Blanc,” is what we’ve come to know as classic Carine: it has attitude, more than a little sex appeal (read: spread-eagle), and, of course, boob!

When it comes to picking our favorite between the two, it was pretty difficult to decide. On one hand, we love how Carine’s clean editorial lets the model speak for herself, and seems to capture Kate in her truest form. The vivid color shots from Emmanuelle’s issue seem a bit contrived, but the black-and-white shots are breathtakingly beautiful and prove why Miss Moss has achieved supermodel status. That, and the fact that she truly gets better with age.

Which Kate Moss pictorial do you prefervintage Carine or this month’s issue from Emmanuelle?

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