Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell Designed Insane Shoes for Adidas

Meghan Blalock
kate moss adidas

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In their ongoing mission to re-establish themselves as the ultimate supermodels, Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell have collaborated with Adidas on a line of sneakers that are avant-garde, to say the least. The creations will be auctioned off to benefit the U.K. lesbian, gay, and bisexual charity Stonewall, according to Vogue.

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The auction kicks off any minute now, scheduled to go live this afternoon at Platform 6. Other stars who have contributed designs to the cause include Sir Elton John, William Baker, and Kylie Minogue, whose sneakers are adorned with wristbands, buttons, and other paraphernalia from her concert tours.

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Check out Kate’s neon-lighted kicks above, and Naomi’s religious iconography-covered creations—complete with gilded femur bones—below!

Naomi-Campbell adidas

kylie minogue adidas

Kylie Minogue’s Adidas Design