Kate Middleton’s Wedding Look Doesn’t Show Up the Bride

Kerry Pieri

I chose the photo with Harry included just to add a little excitement to a wedding look whose most notable aspect is that it’s cream kind of a no-no when it comes to a bride in white. Maybe they don’t roll like that in Britain, though.

Middie, a nickname I will continue to try and make happen, wore an embroidered coat and another one of her crazy hats for the weekend’s latest royal nuptials the wedding of Zara Phillips to Mike Tindall. Apparently, the Duchess wore the same coat in 2006 to another wedding, that of Laura Parker Bowles, if The Huffington Post is to be believed.

Kate Middleton has pretty much been embraced as a total hot chick at this point, so it was nice of her to recycle an old look that happens to be a coat that probably fit her better before she went on the never ending wedding diet. I think that’s wedding gift enough, Zara.