Kate Middleton’s Wedding Dress Designer Maybe Confirmed!


Photo via Bruce Oldfield

It was only a matter of time before the Kate Middleton wedding dress speculation would turn into a full-on sport. British couture designer Bruce Oldfield has received such overwhelming interest from gamblers placing bets on the dress Middleton will wear on her wedding day, that bookmaker site Paddy Power has closed all bets. The designer was a favorite of the late Diana Princess of Wales.

This morning, a spokesperson told Vogue UK, “We were receiving one-way traffic for Bruce Oldfield and there is no point in taking bets when all the interest is in one person. He started as 4/1 joint favourite, but since then his odds have been slashed to 1/3. That would mean there is a 75 per cent chance of him being the wedding dress designer.”

In the age of PR spills and WikiLeaks, it’s not rare to catch wind of classified information prematurely, but since the only current indication of Oldfield’s involvement in the wedding dress design is a gamble, it will be particularly interesting to see if this rumor rings true.

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