Kate Middleton Wears McQueen Again, This Time Less Fancy

Kerry Pieri

A girl has to have her go-to designers. Kate Middleton loves an under-$300 Reiss dress, but she’s kind of a billionaire now, so she can afford to go major on occasion. After all, she doesn’t take gifts from designers. Sorry, PR kids.

On Saturday, Kate was pulling duty as the Duchess of Cambridge where she handed out some medals at the Irish Guards Medal Parade at the Victoria Barracks in Windsor, England. Sounds fancy and rather militaristic, which is exactly how Kate appeared in her double breasted navy Alexander McQueen coat. How apropos.

I do sometimes wish Kate would take some more risks in the footwear game, but she prefers her pumps, so if she wants to leave all risks for the top of her head so be it.

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