Kate Middleton’s Seraphine Portrait Dress Has a Month-Long Wait List

Meghan Blalock
royal family portrait


Here’s a shocker: Kate Middleton’s fuchsia maternity dress that was front-and-center in the royal family’s first official portrait released earlier this week is—wait for it—already sold out.

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In the grand tradition of everything the Duchess of Cambridge ever wears, the dress—from British maternity line Seraphine—sold out not long after the photo’s release.

The brand’s founder, Cecile Reinaud, told the Daily Mail that the design sold out in every colorway, and that pre-orders are still pouring in despite a month-long wait list.

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The Fuchsia Knot Dress’ relatively affordable price (about $79) probably had something to do with it, but there’s absolutely no denying the power of Kate Middleton to sell clothing. It’s quite fascinating, really, the ability this woman has to be a walking combination of role model and salesperson, all without really even trying.

If you’re extra curious, or feel like joining the queue, head over to Seraphine to get a closer look at the dress!