Kate Middleton Shrugged When Prince William Put His Hand on Her Shoulder & the Video Is Awkward AF

Photo: Kate Middleton, Prince William

Keep your hands to yourself, Will. Kate Middleton shrugged when Prince William put his hand on her shoulder, and the video is awkward AF. The moment occurred on BBC One’s recent A Berry Royal Christmas special, where The Great British Bake Off‘s Mary Berry followed the couple around to royal engagements and cooked them delicious dishes. But it isn’t Mary’s baked goods that are going viral. It’s Prince William’s awkward PDA with his wife.

At one point in the special, while the couple were sitting with some new friends, William put his hand on his wife’s shoulder, who. did. not. like. that. As soon as William touched her, Kate shrugged and scooted away from her husband before turning her body to the people in front of her. Several viewers commented on the awkwardness of the moment, while others explained that the royal family simply has strict rules around PDA, especially because William and Kate were working. Another viewer also thought that William tickled Kate (rather than simply touched her shoulder), which explains her reaction. “I think he tickled her back or shoulder, she did move but there were no dirty looks or even a facial reaction, it was not really long enough of a clip to really tell what was going on, but both seem to be in good humour,” the user tweeted.

In the end, Kate and William looked happy (despite the awkwardness that may have seeped in through our computer screens.) And why wouldn’t they be? The couple was able to hang out with THE Mary Berry, who also happened to be their youngest son Prince Louis’ first words. From their cheating scandal with Rose Hanbury to their drama with Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, Kate and William have had an intense 2019. Let’s let them enjoy their great British baked goods.