Those Rose Hanbury Affair Rumors Affected Kate Middleton & Prince William’s Relationship After All

Aramide Tinubu
Prince William & Kate Middleton
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Relationships certainly aren’t easy, and when you’re in the public eye, they can be even more challenging to manage. Kate Middleton and Prince William’s relationship changed after those Rose Hanbury affair rumors–but not in the way you think. Back in April 2019, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were carrying on with their regular royal duties and awaiting the arrival of their nephew, Archie Harrison. However, as the saying goes, life comes at you fast. Suddenly tabloids were reporting that the Duchess had fallen out with her neighbor and friend, Rose Hanbury, the Marchioness of Cholmondeley and that the reason for their rift was because Hanbury and Prince William had been having an affair.

Prince William and Duchess Kate Middleton have been together for nearly 20 years (on and off), and though they’ve had some bumps in their relationship in the past, these affair allegations seemingly came out of nowhere and were never confirmed–especially after all parties threaten legal action. Instead, the Duke and Duchess, as well as Hanbury and her family, ignored them until they died down. However, it turns out that weathering this storm was actually a positive thing for Will and Kate.

One of Middleton’s family friends just revealed to US Weekly, that it, “turned out to be a good thing for them in the end.” They added, “Kate finds the rumors hurtful, obviously, and hates the thought that one day her children will be able to read about them online. But, it forced her and William to sit back and examine their relationship, which they realized they should have been doing more often.”

prince william kate middleton rose hanbury Those Rose Hanbury Affair Rumors Affected Kate Middleton & Prince Williams Relationship After All

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Marriages are hard, and royal protocol forces the future King and his wife to remain mum on specific topics. However, it allowed them to step back and access where they are as a couple nearly ten years into their marriage and three children later. The source explained,” [They] are doing a great job at getting their marriage back on track again. It’s not unusual to have a few hiccups in a marriage, especially after eight years, and Kate and William are no different. They’re still going strong. Regardless of their ups and downs, they love each other dearly, and their kids are the most important thing in their lives.”

We’re just glad that the Prince and the Duchess are back on track and that the Marchioness of Cholmondeley is getting her privacy back.