Kate Middleton & Prince William Left Meghan Markle Out of Photo & They’re Being Trolled for It

Kate Middleton Prince William
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Happy Birthday to the Queen. Britain’s reigning monarch turned 93 on April 21, and fans noticed that Kate Middleton and Prince William cut Meghan Markle out of the photo they shared for Queen Elizabeth’s birthday. Oops. There have been many rumors swirling about a “royal feud” between Prince Harry, his brother and their duchess wives. Well, this is all mostly ridiculous—like the idea that Markle and Harry would move to Africa to create some distance between the other royal couple. But this photo crop probably didn’t help anything.

To be fair, Markle wasn’t in the photo. So it’s not like they chose a family photo of all of them and intentionally cut out Markle out. It was, however, a photo before her time. Before she became the Duchess of Sussex. Fans have been calling Middleton and Prince William.out for intentionally shading the newest member of their immediate family. But we honestly don’t know who’s right. It looks like a cute photo to us. And we doubt Markle would feel snubbed but hey—you never know.

Comments on the Kensington Palace Instagram photo range from “Why deliberately leave Meghan out???” to “Methinks someone is missing from the photo,” to the very concerned fan, “But were is Meghan? An official photo without her…WHY?!”

Look, we understand wanting to read into this. But we doubt Middleton and Prince William even had anything to do with choosing this photo. Harry and Markle might be more involved in social media now, but we’re guessing the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have more to worry about than which photo to post and who’s included in what.

Kensington Palace/Instagram.

Kensington Palace/Instagram.

Markle is due any day now, and we can’t wait for the newest royal baby to arrive.

meghan markle 2 Kate Middleton & Prince William Left Meghan Markle Out of Photo & Theyre Being Trolled for It

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