5 New Things We Know About Kate Middleton’s Royal Birth

Meghan Blalock

The Duchess of Cambridge and her camp have remained largely, well, mum on the subject of the world’s most famous baby (sorry, Kaidence), but now St. James’s Palace has broken the silence. Amidst silly rumors that Kate Middleton purchased a blue baby pram (i.e., stroller), the palace has taken matters into its own well-heeled hands and released some rather intimate details about her birthing plan.

1. Kate will have a natural birth.
Opting out of an elective Caesarian section, Kate—who’s due mid-July—will give birth naturally, according to the Palace.

2. She and Prince William do not yet know the gender of the child.
And they’ve opted not know until they come face to face with the royal baby.

3. William will be by her side the entire time.
Kate will give birth in the private Lindo wing of St. Mary’s Hospital in Paddington, the same exact spot where William was born.

4. The baby’s arrival will be announced in a ridiculous method befitting one of James Bond’s covert missions.
According to the report, the first notification that Kate has delivered will arrive when an aide leaves the hospital holding a singular piece of paper with details of the baby’s weight, sex, and time of birth. This note will then be handed off to a driver, who will deliver the note to Buckingham Palace. The notice will then be “placed on an easel on the forecourt of the Palace.” Um, what?

5. But don’t worry, the baby’s actual birth will be announced on Twitter.
Soon after the easel announcement, the news will be published on the Palace’s official Twitter feed. The Palace stressed that no electronic communication would be made about the child until “the public has a chance to see the official notice, as it’s important that this is done with a degree of dignity and with half an eye on the historical significance.”

What do you think of Kate’s newly released birthing plans?

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