Kate Middleton Has, Gasp, Three Dresses?

Kerry Pieri

Hey, it’s only for a couple more weeks, lets keep the Kate-Middleton-dress-rumors magic alive! FashionEtc is reporting that Jasper Conran is the latest designer getting the honors. But. There’s a but. He is allegedly one of three designers responsible for creating a gown for the lavish day. Kate, apparently more of the diva than we’d expected, is getting three dresses like one of those NYC socialites destined for reality TV.

The site continues, “Middleton has commissioned three wedding dresses from three different designers.” However, unlike her mother in law, who had two dresses in case somebody went all mean girls on one of them, Kate has three in case the designer name is “leaked” to the media, in which case she’ll wear one of the other two.

Uh, sorry Jasper Conran?

Photo: Indigo, Getty Images

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