Kate Middleton’s Royal Status Changed After Prince William’s Affair Rumors

Kate Middleton.
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Well, at least something good came out of all of this drama. Kate Middleton has changed since Prince William’s affair rumors—changed for the better, that is. According to body language experts, the Duchess of Cambridge appears more confident now than ever. While many might’ve expected her to shrink under the scandals that encompassed the royal family this past spring, she’s done the exact opposite. She has continued her hard work and dedication to charity and projects close to her heart, like the new garden she designed for the Chelsea Flower Show. And, thought the change in her appearance is slight–hardly recognizable to the naked eye, it’s there. It makes us extremely happy to know the mom-of-three is doing so well.

Judi James, an expert in body language, explained, “There has been a change in her [Kate’s] body language rituals recently, suggesting changes in her life or attitude. She seems more confident projecting herself as a ‘stand-alone’ royal…”

And according to Express, the Duchess is taking notes from Queen Elizabeth herself—not a bad person to look up to, if you ask us. Express noted that Middleton seems to be using her “congruent-looking smile” during recent royal engagements, which allows the Duchess to appear more genuine during public appearances. This, consequently, gives Middleton a higher sense of confidence.

The body language experts also noted that this change in confidence, though coinciding with the end of the affair rumors, began when she gave birth to Prince Louis.  Since giving birth to her third child, experts say, she has seemed more relaxed and truly happy.

The royal family has not directly commented on the affair rumors between Prince William and The Marchioness of Cholmondeley, Rose Hanbury. But the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s public appearances have put those rumors to rest. In fact, Middleton and her royal hubby, Prince William, went on a secret getaway to reportedly work on their marriage. The two seemed to have a marvelous time at The Inn on the Lake in Ullswater in Cumbria, and we can see why! It’s absolutely beautiful.

Middleton has also learned a thing or two from her late mother-in-law, Princess Diana. Though she never got the chance to meet her, Middleton embodies many of the qualities Prince William’s mom had, including a love for humanitarian work. On June 12, the Duchess gave a rare public speech at the Action on Addiction gala in London. The charity helps people and families who are, or have been, affected by drugs and alcohol. Mental illness and addiction is still very much stigmatized even in 2019 and Middleton is working to combat that.  Through her words and work with the organization, people quickly drew parallels between Middleton and Princess Diana. During her life with the royal family, Diana was a champion for HIV and AIDS patients who were similarly stigmatized at the time.

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The Duchess of Cambridge, Patron of Action on Addiction, attended the first annual gala dinner in recognition of Addiction Awareness Week. Before the dinner, The Duchess of Cambridge met former Action on Addiction clients Jay Otty and Melanie Bennett, who worked to prepare food for the gala dinner. Jay is a key member of the ‘front of house’ staff at @Brink_Liverpool – Action on Addiction’s ‘dry bar’ in the city. He has worked in the hospitality industry for seven years, having now been clean and sober for nine years. Melanie says that Action on Addiction’s Self-Help Addiction Recovery Programme, which taught her coping mechanisms and new behaviours, and started the grieving process for her father which she had been blocking for ten years, helped saved her life. Speaking at the dinner, The Duchess said: "What’s remarkable about Action on Addiction is that it goes beyond helping those who are suffering on the courageous journey into recovery – it also lends direct support to the children and families affected by addiction – for as long as it takes." Action on Addiction is the only UK addictions charity that works across all the areas of research, treatment, family support and professional education. The aim of Addiction Awareness Week is to provide a platform for focused conversations about the many different facets of addiction, to enable a wide range of organisations to engage with people and families who may be affected by addiction, and to raise public awareness of the far-reaching and negative effects of addiction. The ultimate aim is that as honest but inspirational stories are shared, those affected by addiction will then feel more able to take the necessary steps to access help, hope and freedom from their addiction. @ActionOnAddiction #AddictionAwarenessWeek

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