Euro Tabloid Publishes Photo of Kate Middleton’s Bare Butt

Laurel Pinson
Photo: Getty

Photo: Getty Images

While dozens of tabloids were busy snapping photos of the Kimye nuptials in Florence, one particularly salacious photo of Kate Middleton apparently erupted in a bidding war.

According to Page Six, the photo in question was of Kate Middleton and Prince William on their tour of Australia in April—and a gust of wind has blown Kate Middleton’s skirt up in the back, exposing her bare butt (which, in case you’re wondering, looks spectacular). As an interesting aside, the DVF dress she’s wearing in the photo flew off the shelves.

The British press apparently declined to publish the photo, but that didn’t stop other outlets from bidding on the photo, which was eventually published by a German tabloid. In yet another classy move, the tabloid then proceeded to publish the photo alongside photos of Kim and Khloe Kardashians’ butts—you know, just for reference.

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Kate and William have been extremely protective of their privacy since emerging as a royal couple—especially when it comes to photos. The couple event went so far as to charge a photographer who took topless photos of a topless Kate on vacation in 2012. What’s more, the British tabloids have been equally protective of the Duke and Duchess—in this case, declining to publish either set of photos and insisting the 2012 paparazzi be publicly identified. The royal family has yet to make a statement concerning the new photos, which, unlike the 2012 shots, were taken while on official royal visit, as opposed to a private vacation.