Kate Hudson Shops in SoHo


Kate Hudson spent the afternoon shopping in SoHo on this sweltering April afternoon, clad in black leggings and a tank. The Bride Wars actress, who just celebrated her 30th birthday, made a stop at the Marc Jacob’s store on Mercer Street and then was seen getting in (or out) of a cab on Spring Street (between Lafayette and Crosby). Yes, you caught us- we google mapped the address of the Sur La Table in SoHo (the store’s sign was visible in the top left corner of this photo) so we could provide you with Kate’s exact locale.

It’s refreshing to see celebs out and about in easy, gym clothes and little or no makeup. No offense to all the starlets that spend the day shopping (or purposely going to paparazzi hotspots to ensure they get photographed) in 6-inch heels and a full face of makeup (ahem Heidi Montag Pratt). Thoughts?